Brief: Create a locavore brand based on a region in New York State



ORENDA is a premium brand that produces condiments made with high quality 100% organic grapes locally sourced from the vineyards of the Finger Lakes.



Story of Orenda

The Native Americans believed that the Finger Lakes were the fingerprints of the Great Spirit, also known as the ORENDA. By reaching down and touching the earth, he transformed the land into a sacred and blessed spot.


Years after the Native Americans were driven out of the Finger Lakes region, a curious boatman that was a European settler happened to visit the region. When he was walking along the lake shore enjoying the view, he saw a flock of birds flying over a spot that is not too far from the shore where he was walking. The curious boatman went over to the place and witnessed that the birds were pecking on numerous amounts of berries scattered all around the ground. He realized that the berries were grapes.

The boatman found something odd about those birds. Although there was absolutely nothing else to eat except the grapes, the birds looked unusually healthy as if there were plenty to eat. One more thing he found strange there is that the grape vines in the spot were growing healthy even though there were no humans taking care of them.

The boatman soon realized that the ground he was standing on was fully blessed. He decided to receive the blessing; thus he picked up all the grape seeds the birds left on the ground and started his own vineyard on the blessed ground.