Brief: Create a brand that tells a story of your own grandparents



TIMBRE (n.) the characteristic quality of sound or the tone color.

TIMBRE is a playful juice brand that allows consumers to experience and appreciate that "Every tune and sound has its own color" and to believe that every color has its own taste. Sound, Color and Taste are all interrelated.



Story of Timbre

Bonghoon Kim, who is Saehan's grandfather, was a very musical person. He liked to sing, play the violin and the saxophone. Bonghoon really wanted to teach Saehan what he was accomplished at, so he bought Saehan his first violin and started giving him lessons. He saw little Saehan struggling with the wooden instrument and said, "Every sound has its own color." There are four strings on a violin and he said that the E string, which is the highest, has a bright red sound and the G string, which is the lowest, has a deep purple sound.

Being a very visual boy at seven years old, Saehan was greatly impressed. Every time he played a note, he imagined visual images of the colors represented by the notes. Even years after, the mapping of music notes and colors remained in Saehan's mind. While Saehan was having violin lessons from his grandfather, his grandmother often served them homemade ground fruit juice including the peels. At first, Saehan did not understand why she would include the peels in the juice but growing older he learned that the peels has twice the fiber and vitamin C than its flesh.